Cryptocurrency News | BitSeven digest daily (2019)

Cryptocurrency News | BitSeven  digest daily (2019)

BitSeven crypto news digest daily – week 13

1) One of the top exchanges Coinbene possibly hacked

According to numerous online reports, Coinbene cryptoexchange, included in the top 20 largest trading volumes, could have been compromised, as users reported who had problems with depositing and withdrawing coins.
Despite the fact that Coinbene did not give any preliminary announcements about the technical or other work, in response to one of the customers, exchange said that it had to work on problems of depositing and withdrawing coins.

“To improve the user experience, CoinBene updated the platform’s wallet on March 26, 2019. The maintenance will affect deposit and withdraw functions,” – said the official Twitter post.

However, some users of social networks do not simply believe these statements, suggesting that the cryptoexchange was hacked with total losses of about $40 mill, referring to the fact that ForkDelta is already filled with tokens for selling.
In any case, stopping offering their service of all wallets without any prior announcement, puts Coinbene in extremely strange position and only make you anxious about situation.
Today it was also reported that DragonEx cryptoexchange, which was boasting that it is “a safe and stable platform for BTC and ETH transactions,” announced on its official channel in Telegram about being hacked. So much for security confidence. As a result of the attack, DragonEx lost control over all crypto assets of its users. The exact amount of damages suffered by DragonEx is currently unknown.

2) Rakuten cryptocurrency exchange will begin work in April

Rakuten has changed the name of its cryptocurrency division “All Bitcoin Co., Ltd.” to “Rakuten Wallet Co., Ltd.” and said that it had registered with the Kanto Regional Financial Bureau as a digital currency exchange company.
The company believes that in order to provide high-quality crypto payment methods, it is necessary to ensure the proper exchange function and a number of clients, including foreign ones, and they wanted to provide such service already for a long time.

“We are pleased to announce that our registration in the Kanto Financial Bureau was completed as a company for the exchange of virtual currency in accordance with the law,” – was published in statement on the company’s website.

After the end of consolidation period, the management of Everybody Bitcoin confirmed that cryptoexchange in its current form will stop working at the end of March.

“Rakuten Wallet as a company that exchanges virtual currencies will contribute to steady growth of the market. [The Service] will strive to increase the reliability and quality of the services offered so that a greater number of customers can use Rakuten Wallet, being sure of its safety,” – the report says.

It also became known today about soon launch of the Taotao cryptoexchange, the shares of which are owned by the Japanese division of Yahoo. It is quite interesting that for entering cryptomarket, Yahoo! Japan have chosen the same method as Rakuten – instead of developing from scratch, the company acquired the finished product, which already has the necessary licenses from local regulators.

3) Andreas Antonopoulos: Coinbase crypto-exchange is doomed to extinction

In the latest podcast “Let’s talk about Bitcoin!” Cryptoenthusiast Andreas Antonopoulos entered into a discussion about how the modern financial infrastructure will change under the influence of the spread of cryptocurrencies.

“Digital money will be the only cash available in the future,” – he started the discussion.

One of the participants of the conversation, Jonathan Mogan, co-founder of Layer2Labs, said that he believed one of the decisions of the Southern District of New York court contained the words that “Bitcoin is an email for money” is a turning point for cryptosphere. According to Mogan, this thesis is very well received and implemented in practice by the largest US cryptotrading company, Coinbase.
Adam Levin, the founder and head of, picked up the topic about Coinbase and noted that if a person starts working with such a centralized cryptoplatform, there will be a high chance of information that should be 100% hidden, to be revealed. As a result, information can “go beyond Coinbase.”
Antonopoulos explained, that after cryptospace will reach a certain level, the question about a need for cryptoexchanges will arise, as such exchanges in their current operating state carry only some of the processes of the finance industry out. Further, Antonopoulos noted that expanding the range of services for cryptoexchanges shouldn’t be a priority, and that such sites had a chance of survival. According to the crypto enthusiast:

“Coinbase is a cryptofriendly bank, but it is still a bank, with all the ensuing consequences for keeping the transaction secret.”

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